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Country Name

Turkey or the Republic of Turkey.


Turkey is located in the Middle East.

It is bordered to the north by the Black Sea,  to the east by Georgia,

Armeniaand Iran and from the south by Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, and

the Mediterranean, and from the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece,

and Bulgaria.

Turkey also bordered by several seas such as the Mediterranean Sea,

the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea, The Marmara Sea is also

located on the inner border of the region between Asia and Europe.

A large population of Turkey in Anatolia, known as Asia Minor, by 97% of the total area, and the remaining 3% are located in Europe.

The Bosphorus Bridge connects the Asian part with Turkey and the European part, which cuts the Bosporus Strait. 

Turkey location

Reason for Naming the country

The word "Turkey" in Turkish is divided into two words: the first one is "Türk" which refers to the name of the Turkish nationality and the word "ye" which means "the owner", "our land" or "associated with us". This name was called by the Turks in the Middle Ages. 



The Flag

The flag of the Republic of Turkey has a Red background

 with a white crescent and a star.

The design of the current flag is derived from the ancient

Ottoman flag (adopted in 1844).

In 1936, the Turkish flag was adopted and the Turkish

Republic has a unified flag.

The law states that the eight stars should be replaced by

the five-star (in the present flag), which symbolizes Turkish

democracy and identity.

The Red color in the Turks culture symbolizes the blood of the martyrs that were shed during the first Kosovo War in 1362-1389, and therefore the red color was used in all the flags that passed through the state.

The crescent and the star, in addition to being symbolic of Islam, are associated with the Turks with a famous legend of the reflection of the moon and the stars on the blood of the martyrs that were like the lake in the Kosovo war.

Turkish Flag


Turkish is the only official language throughout Turkey.

70% to 75% of the population of Turkey speak Turkish, while the Kurdish language is spoken by 18%.


Most of the population of Turkey is Muslim, both Sunni and Alawite, with 99.8% of the total population.

The rest are Christians of different denominations such as the Armenians, the Greek, and Syriac communities, with about 0.2% of the total population of Turkey.

Although most of the Turks are Muslims, Turkey is a secular state.


Turkish Lira

Time Zone

+03:00 GMT

Turkish Lira

Government Regime 

A unitary parliamentary constitutional republic

Climate in Turkey

Turkey's unique geographical location has contributed to its climate diversity. Seven different climatic zones exist in this beautiful country. The temperature and the right times for visiting each region vary, depending also on the type of trip you would like to take, if you go to the beaches and enjoy the beauty of nature, Or visit cities rich in culture and markets, or other activities that you can do in Turkey.

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Some Facts About Turkey




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