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Country Name

Timor-Leste, East Timor, officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste


Timor Leste is an island country in Southeast Asia.

The country is bordered by Indonesia in the west and the Savu Sea in the north.

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The reason for naming the country

"Timor" is derived from timur in Malay language which means  "east", which became recorded as Timor in Portuguese, so the name means "East East".

 In Portuguese Timor-Leste literally means rising sun.

In Indonesian, the country is called Timor Timur, thereby using the Portuguese name for the island followed by the word for "east", as adjectives in Indonesian are put after the noun.


The first use of the flag was in 28 November 1975.

The Flag of East Timor was adopted on 19 May 2002.

The flag of East Timor is one of the official symbols of East Timor.

It consists of a red background with the black isosceles triangle based on

the hoist-side bearing a white five-pointed star in the center composed

in the larger yellow triangle, also based on the hoist-side, that extends to

the center of the flag.

The yellow  color represents the traces of colonialism in East Timor's history.

The black color represents the obscurantism that needs to be overcome;

the red  color represents the struggle for national liberation;

the white star represents peace or the light that guides.

Timor- Lester


The dominant religion in Timor Leste is Christianity.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Roman Catholics account for 97.6% of the population of the country. Protestant Christians, Muslims, and others comprise 2%, 0.2%, and 0.2% of the total population.

Animistic beliefs and practices also play an important role in shaping the culture of the people of East Timor.


Timor- Leste two official languages are Portuguese and Tetum.

Besides the official languages, there are many other languages spoken by the indigenous people of East Timor. These include Bekais, Bunak, Galoli, Habun, Idalaka, Kawaimina, Kemak, Lovaia, Makalero, Makasae, Mambai, Tokodede, and Wetarese.


United States dollar (USD).


Time Zone

+09:00 GMT. 

Government Regime

Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic.


In East Timor the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a rainy season from December to March and a dry season from June to September. In the rainy season, the sun shines for a few hours a day, and it usually rains a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon.
Temperatures are high and similar throughout the year. They are slightly higher from October to May and a bit lower from June to September, when highs are around 30 °C (86 °F).

From September to November, and sometimes from mid-August, the hottest period of the year occurs. In the rainy season, high humidity makes the heat muggy.
The best time to travel to East Timor is from June to August: there is sun shines, the heat is not too intense, it's tempered by the breeze; there are just some short downpours or thunderstorms every now and then.

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