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South Africa

Country Name

South Africa, officially The Republic of South Africa.


  Is the southernmost country in Africa.

It is bounded on the south by Southern Africa coastline stretching along

the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans

It is bordered in the north by NamibiaBotswana, and Zimbabwe;

and on the east and northeast by Mozambique and Swaziland;

The State of Lesotho and Swaziland are all located within the territory of South Africa.

south-africa location


There are three capitals of South Africa

Pretoria (executive),

Bloemfontein (judicial),

Cape Town (legislative).

Reason for naming the country 

The name "South Africa" is derived from the country's geographic location at the southern tip of Africa.

Upon formation, the country was named The Union of South Africa reflecting its origin from the unification of four formerly separate British colonies.

Since 1961 the long-form name has been the "Republic of South Africa".

In Dutch, the country was named Republiek van Zuid-Afrika, replaced in 1983 by the Afrikaans Republiek van Suid-Afrika.

Since 1994 the Republic has had an official name in each of its 11 official languages.


The flag of South Africa was adopted on 27 April 1994.

The South African flag features horizontal stripes of red and blue on

the top and bottom, respectively. They are separated by a green Y design

outlined in white, and the triangle created by the green is filled in with

black and outlined in a thin yellow stripe. 

The modern design of the South African national flag is designed to represent


The green color represents the fertility of the land,

the black color represents the people of the nation,

while the gold represents the nation’s mineral wealth. The flag features a horizontal bicolor of red and blue, a black triangle on the hoist-side, and a central band that splits into a “Y” shape that is green in color. The green band and the arms of the Y are trimmed in white, while the inside of the Y is trimmed in gold.

*Flag Facts:

-The flag of South Africa is similar to the flag of Vanuatu.



South Africa has eleven official languages.

AfrikaansEnglishNdebeleNorthern SothoSothoSwaziTswanaTsongaVenda

Xhosa, and Zulu.

While all the languages are formally equal, some languages are spoken more than others.

The three most spoken languages are Zulu (22.7%), Xhosa (16.0%), and Afrikaans (13.5%)

 Despite that English is recognized as the language of commerce and science, it ranked fourth and was listed as the first language of only 9.6 %.


The major faiths practiced in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, traditional African religions, and Judaism

Christianity is the primary belief system in South Africa, with Protestantism being the largest denomination. Non-Christian entities in the country include Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism. Even though the country prides itself on being a multi-dominion country, 15% of the population do not identify themselves with any religion, the second largest group after the Protestant Christians.


South African Rand (ZAR).

S A Rand

Time Zone

There are 2 time zones in South Africa

+02:00 GMT

+03:00 GMT

Government Regime

Unitary dominant-party parliamentary republic with an executive presidency.

International Phone code


Internet Code


Some Facts About South Africa