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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

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Country Name

Yemen, officially the Republic of Yemen.


Yemen is a country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden and Guardafui Channel to the south, and Oman to the east.


Sana'a. (By-law)

Aden (Temporary capital).

Reason for Naming the country

One etymology derives Yemen from ymnt, meaning "South", and significantly plays on the notion of the land to the right.

Other sources claim that Yemen is related to yamn or yumn, meaning "felicity" or "blessed", as much of the country is fertile.

The Romans called it Arabia Felix ("fertile Arabia"), as opposed to Arabia Deserta ("deserted Arabia"). Latin and Greek writers referred to ancient Yemen as "India", which arose from the Persians calling the Abyssinians whom they came into contact with in South Arabia by the name of the dark-skinned people who lived next to them, viz. the Indians.


The Flag of Yemen was adopted on May 22, 1990.

The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes of red, white & black colors.

The red represents the bloodshed of the martyrs and the unity between its people, the white represents the nation’s bright future, and the black is symbolic of the dark past of the nation.

*Flag Facts:

- Variations of the red-white-black flag have been used in various Arab flags

with Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Libya*, and Iraq.

*The flag is identical to the