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Trinidad and Tobago

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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Country Name

Trinidad and Tobago.


It is located in the southernmost island country in the Caribbean.

Consisting of the main islands Trinidad and Tobago, and numerous much smaller islands. It shares maritime boundaries with Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west.


Port of Spain.​

Reason for Naming the country

In fact, it starts in the era of Christopher Columbus and his original explorer days, when he discovered the larger island in 1498. A Catholic explorer with active religious views, he named the island Trinidad, which scholars believe was a nod to the Holy Trinity.

Rumor has it people started calling the other, smaller island “Tobago” because all the tobacco is grown (and smoked) by the natives there.

The neighboring islands have been linked since the late 1880s when a British commission combined Tobago with Trinidad.


The flag of Trinidad and Tobago was adopted on August 31, 1962, when Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from Britain.

The flag consists of a red base with an off-centered black diagonal stripe originating in the top left corner and running across the flag.

The black stripe is bordered on both sides by a thin white stripe.

The red color represents the energy of the land in Trinidad and Tobago,

the friendliness and courage of its people, and the sun, the black represents the unity and strength of the people, as well as the natural wealth of the country, the white represents the surrounding sea, and the purity and equality of all people under the sun, together, the colors represent earth, water, and fire, which connect the nation's people to the past present, and future.


English is the country's official language (the national standard variety is Trinidadian English), but the main spoken languages are Trinidadian English Creole and Tobagonian English Creole.

Trinidadian Hindustani is the country’s fourth most spoken language. The language, also known as Trinidadian Bhojpuri, is a language of the Indo-Aryan language family.


Christianity is the largest religion in the country.

Roman Catholics were the largest single religious group in Trinidad and Tobago. Hindus were the second largest group in the country.

The Pentecostal, Evangelical, and Full Gospel denominations were the third-largest religious group. The largest religious minority community in Trinidad and Tobago are Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses.


Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD).