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Traditional Food In UAE

Updated: May 22, 2021

Emirati cuisine is the traditional Arabic cuisine of the United Arab Emirates and shares remarkable similarities with cuisines from neighboring countries, such as Omani cuisine and Saudi Arabian cuisine, Indian Cuisine as well as many Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines.

Here Are 18 Traditional Food you should try in UAE.

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Khobz Khamer

It is one of the traditional Emirati bread.

It is usually served in breakfast meals.

The bread is a mixture of yeast, flour, milk powder and is sprinkled with sesame seeds and cooked to a toasty brown color.

Khameer bread can be stuffed with cream, date paste, and nuts for a sweet stuffing,

Or falafel, cheese, labneh, basil, or black olives as savory stuffings.



One of the most well-known bread in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Cooked on a special pan over high heat.

Usually, toppings such as cheese, eggs, honey are added while the bread is cooking.

It looks like the crepe.

The dough is made using three ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, and salt.

Sometimes Rigag bread dipped in milk or yogurt to form an entire meal.

In Ramadan iftar or suhoor meals, the bread is sometimes broken up and sprinkled into chicken or lamb stews.



Harees is one of the most popular Emirati dishes.

It is made of meat and wheat.

Wheat and meat with a pinch of salt cooked together in boiling water for hours until both components of this mixture make a smooth paste that will be further cooked in a covered clay pot with coal almost overnight.