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Famous Food in Egypt

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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Egyptian cuisine shares similarities with the food of the Eastern Mediterranean region and Turkish cuisines, such as rice-stuffed vegetables, shawarma, kebab, and kofta.
Here are the most famous food in Egypt that you have to try it:

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Kushari is a famous dish in Egypt for more than 100 years, it contains layers of rice, Lentil, spaghetti, or macaroni, topped with tomato sauce, crispy fried onion, garlic sauce, and chickpeas.

Some people thought Kushari is an Egyptian dish but it was not, 1914 in the WW1 when the Indian soldiers came with the British troops, they introduce this dish in Cairo but it was made of rice and Lentil Only, after that the Italian people who were lived in Cairo at that time they added the pasta on it.

After a while, the Egyptian people added the tomato sauce, garlic sauce, crispy fried onion, and chickpeas at the top of the dish.

Since then, the kushari has been an Egyptian mark in Egyptian cuisine.

Koshari Egyptian food

Foul Medames (Beans)

One of the most popular dishes in Egypt dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

The way of preparation varies from one place to another, it can be prepared with butter, tomato sauce, tahini, pastirma, boiled and fried eggs Always served at breakfast beside Egyptian bread.

Tameya (Falafel)

Tameya is one of the popular and fast food in Egypt.

It is made of Split Fava Beans then mixed until fairly smooth and then shaped in flat discs then fried in heat oil.

It said its origin dates back to the Levant and later moved to the Arabic kitchens, while the Jews assert that the falafel is Hebrew.

Some said the Egyptian Coptic the first people to discover this dish cause they replaced it with the meat dishes in time of fasting, then it spread from Egypt to the Levant.