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The Netherlands

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

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Country Name

The Netherlands, informally Holland.


The Netherlands is located in Northwestern Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the south, Germany to the east, and the North Sea to the northwest, with maritime borders in The North Sea with those countries and the United Kingdom. Together with three island territories in the Caribbean Sea—Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba—it forms a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



Reason for Naming the country

The Netherlands means low-lying country; the name Holland (from Houtland, or wooded Land). It said the name have been used by the Austrians (who ruled much of the southern part of the Low Countries from 1713 to 1795), by way of contrast to the mountains they knew.


The flag was officially adopted on 19 February 1937.*

The flag was commonly referred to as the prince flag and now It is officially referred to as the Royal Standard of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands' flag consists of horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue.

The flag of the Netherlands is one of the oldest flags in the world.

The colors used in the flag of the Netherlands are based on the coat of arms of Prince William of Orange, who was a leading fighter for the freedom of the Dutch. The main difference is that the red band was originally orange in color. However, the orange dye originally used was quite unstable and would eventually turn red, leading the nation to change the official color to red.

The Blue color represents the people of the nation and their hard work, The Red color represents power and politics, and the White color represents neutrality and acceptance.

The Dutch flag is almost identical to that of the