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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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Country Name

Taiwan, or officially the Republic of China (ROC).


Taiwan is a country in East Asia. Neighboring countries include the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south.




The Flag of Taiwan was adopted on 25 October 1945. Taiwan's flag is composed of a red background with a white 12-rayed sun in the middle of a navy blue rectangle in the top left. The white sun with the 12 rays represents the 12 months of the year, The white color represents equality and democracy, and the red color represents the blood shed by those who fought to overthrow the Qing Dynasty also used to represent the livelihood and fraternity of the people, the blue symbolizes liberty and nationalism.

*Flag fact:

- The flag is described as “Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth.”

- The flag was originally used as a Navy flag in mainland China. However, it stopped being used on the mainland following the formation of the People’s Republic of China.

- The use of this flag is banned in Cambodia.

- The flag of Taiwan is similar to the flag of Samoa, Both flags consist of a red field with a blue rectangle in the canton, the flag of Samoa has a white star in the blue rectangle and the flag of Taiwan has a sun.


Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the country, the language has two forms Standard Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin (Hokkien).

Standard Mandarin was established as the official language and is the language of instruction in schools and is mainly popular with the population under 60 years.

Taiwanese was influenced by Standard Mandarin, indigenous tongues, and other languages. Standard Mandarin is the primary language used in public and is visible in the transport system.

Other minority languages that are spoken in Taiwan are Japanese & English.


Religion in Taiwan is diverse and includes aspects of Chinese traditional culture. The constitution of Taiwan allows for the freedom of worship.

Taiwan has the five largest religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Yiguandao, Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism.

- Buddhism is the most common religion in Taiwan with about 35.1% of the population confessing to adhering to the religion.

- Taoism is a religious, philosophical, and ritual tradition that originated in the Chinese and forms the second most followed religion in Taiwan by 33% of the population.

- Taoism is a religious, philosophical, and ritual tradition that originated in the Chinese and forms the second most followed religion in Taiwan by 33% of the population.

- Yiguandao is a Chinese folk religion that emerged in the 19th century from the Xiantiandao tradition. The religion has a membership of about 3.5% of the population in Taiwan.

Other religious groups include protestant Christianity, Tiadism, Roman Catholics, Miledadao, Zailiism, Xuanyuanism, and other smaller religious sects.


New Taiwan dollar (NT$) (TWD).

Time Zone

+08:00 GMT.

Government Regime

​Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic.


On the island of Taiwan, the climate is tropical, with mild winters and hot, rainy summers. The period of May to September is very rainy throughout the country because of the summer monsoon, while in the other seasons, rainfall depends on latitude and slope exposure. However, winter is the least rainy season everywhere.

In winter, the temperature is pleasant in the south, where highs in January are about 23 °C (73 °F), and the sun often shines, while in the north, the climate is cooler and cloudier, with average maximum temperatures of about 18 °C (64 °F).

Summer is hot, humid, and rainy, with more frequent rains on the southern coast, the daily average temperatures in July and August, are around 29/30 °C (84/86 °F). The best time to visit Taiwan runs from November to March, since it is the mildest and outside of both the monsoon rains and the typhoon season. The east coast, however, is very rainy still in November.

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