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Secrets hidden in the most famous Logos

Part 1

Food & Beverages

Have you ever noticed the presence of hidden images in the logos of the global companies?

When it comes to marketing techniques, there are some logos for international companies that stand out in our minds beyond using visually appealing colors and text styles but carrying their own hidden messages and secrets ...

Here is a list of some well-known food brand logos with hidden designs ...

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is known for offering ice cream, and in its logo you will find number 31, which is to indicate the number of flavors offered by the company.

Baskin Robbins


It is said that when the product was introduced to the market, there was a difference in the taste between the right chocolate finger and the left one.

The sign "II" means that you have to take a pause Then taste the other finger to know the difference.


Burger King

The word "Burger King" is centered on bread sandwiches, which means that the burgers between bread will be large enough to give you a saturated meal.

Burger king

Sub Way

The trademark of this restaurant is characterized by the presence of two arrows, the first on the letter S and the second on the letter Y.

These arrows indicate the entrance and exit of the train station.



On the cover of chocolate there is a mountain range and a bear symbolizing the country which producing the chocolate, "Switzerland".

The bear represents the city that makes chocolate which is "Bern", this city is famous with its mountains and bears and that's why it is printed on the cover.


If you look at the logo, you'll find that the word "Mom" appears in the girl's collar.

This means that the meals provided by the company are similar to those offered by mothers at home.


Hershey's Kiss

On the logo there is a small kiss between the letters "K" and "I" in the name of the product.


Coca cola

Most people have never noticed what the famous Coca-Cola soft drink company hid inside its logo.

The Danish flag appears in the logo.

coca cola


Most people see the logo as the first capital letter of the restaurant name.

actually and technically it is.

In 1960, McDonald's was discussing the idea of ​​changing the logo, Louis Cheskin, a psychologist appointed by the company, discussed the idea of ​​preserving the logo, Cheskin said that the arches symbolize “mother McDonald's breasts.” This “maternal” aspect of the logo supposedly encouraged people to eat McDonald's rather than a home-cooked meal.



Pepsi logo is one of the most famous logos around the world.

The logo has been changed several times, each time retaining the red, blue and white colors.

The Pepsi logo consists of a simple circle, half red and half blue, with a diagonal white line.

The colors represent the American flag and show the patriotism of America.



This logo belongs to a company of crackers, showing in the middle the shape of two people who are sharing chips on a sauce plate.


Milky way

Have you noticed these swirls before? Those light brown circles with a chocolate casing resemble the Milky Way galaxy, which bears the name milky path.

Milky way

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