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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

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Country Name

Russia, or officially the Russian Federation.


Russia is a transcontinental country that lies in Asia and the European continent. Russia occupies 77% of its land area in Asia and 23% in Europe. Russia is the world's biggest country. European Russia is the western part of the Russian Federation, which is located in Eastern Europe, Northern Asia is known as Asian Russia or Siberia.

Russia is bordered by 14 countries, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine.

It also shares maritime borders with Japan, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States of America.



Reason for Naming

Russia gets its name from Rus, a medieval empire dominated by East Slavs. However, in subsequent history, this proper name grew more prominent, and the nation was commonly referred to by its residents as "усска емл" (Russkaja zemlja), which may be rendered as "Russian Land" or "Land of Rus."

Ruthenia was an ancient Latin variant of the word Rus', usually attributed to the western and southern districts of Rus' that bordered Catholic Europe. The country's present name, осси (Rossija), is derived from the Byzantine Greek appellation of the Rus' in Modern Greek.

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