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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Country Name

Montenegro, Crna Gora.


Montenegro is a country in southeast Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkans.

It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia and Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, The Adriatic Sea, and Croatia to the west.



Reason for Naming

The name “Crna Gora” (Montenegro) is mentioned for the first time in the Charter of King Milutin, in 1276. It is believed that it got its name after the dense forests that covered Mount Lovcen and the surrounding area. The forests were so dark that the viewers got the impression of a “black” mountain.


The flag of Montenegro was officially adopted on 13 July 2004.

The Montenegro flag consists of a red background surrounded by a golden border, in the middle of the flag there is the coat of arms of Montenegro.

The coat of arms is a double-headed golden eagle wearing a golden crown. In its right claw, it holds a golden scepter while on the left it holds a blue orb. On the eagle’s breast, there is a blue shield that has a lion on a green field in front of a blue sky.

The used colors in the flag are blue, green, red, and yellow.

The red color represents the Montenegrin people, in other theories, it

represents the blood of Christ and the blood that was shed in the quest for independence.

The gold color surrounding the red color on all edges also shows the royal heritage that it once had. The double-headed golden eagle on the coat of arms is of ancient Roman origin and represents the unity of the church and the state. The shield on the eagle’s breast has a lion on a