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Famous Food In Turkey

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines.

Here Are 28 Famous Food you should eat!

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One of the most traditional meals at breakfast in Turkey. It is called "Turkish omelets".

It is a scrambled egg cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and Turkish spices, sometimes pastrami and smoked beef are added.

It is served with Turkish bread.


Meze "Turkish Appetizers"

Turkish appetizers are always served on the Turkish table and served in small dishes up to 20 dishes.

Turkish Appetizers have multiple varieties like; grilled eggplant, borek, cheese, pickles, olives, yogurt, chickpeas, baba ghanog, vine leaves, and many others.

Beef Wellington

İskender Kebab

Iskandar Kebab is one of the most famous dishes in Turkey, especially in Bursa, its name comes from "Muhammad Iskandar Effendi", who lived in Turkey in the nineteenth century and made this meal.

It contains meat slices, tomato sauce, pieces of bread, yogurt, and chili pepper.

iskender kebab

Kuzu Tandır "Roasted lamb"

One of the most popular dishes in Turkey.

The lamb meat is slowly cooked in an ancient technique of cooking in a special oven made from a pit in the soil.

It serves with potato or rice or yogurt.

wiener schnitzel

Köfte "Turkish meat"

One of the most famous Turkish dishes.

It is lamb or minced beef Serve with tomato sauce or with yogurt, yogurt, or bread.


Çig Köfte" raw meatball"

Mercimek Köftesi "Lentil balls"

It is one of the oldest popular dishes in Turkey and also an appetizer, It is a mix of raw meat, Bulgur, Turkish spices, and chili pepper.

After a while, The Turks continued cooking that kind of meatball but they replaced the raw meat with the bulgur, potato, chili pepper, and vegetables.

Roast dinner

Lahmacun "Turkish pizza"

It is called "Turkish Pizza".

It is a thin layer of dough (non-fermented) topping with minced beef, veggie, herbs, lemon juice, and tomato sauce.


Pide "Turkish Pizza 2"

It is called also "Turkish pizza".

It is a dough shaped like a boat topping with vegetables or meat or chicken or pastrami and eggs or eggs only.

Served in breakfast and dinner meals.



One of the famous Turkish pastries.

There are many kinds of it; there is a borek with minced beef, others with cheese, and some with spinach.

It is served as a snack or in Breakfast, Lunch & dinner meals.


Su Böreği " Water Borek"

It somewhat differs from the borek, It is made from a thin dough as (puff pastry), soaked in eggs, milk, and water, and stuffed with cheese, spinach, or minced meat.



Simit is considered one of the most famous Turkish food which is served with most Turkish meals but especially at breakfast.

Simit is a circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds and served with Turkish tea.

Some people eat it with cheese.



It looks like Ravioli but it differs in taste and texture.

It is little dumplings are made of seasoned ground beef or ground lamb wrapped in homemade egg pasta.

They're topped with a garlic yogurt sauce, butter or tomato sauce, and Turkish spices.



The word "dolmas" means "stuffed" and can refer to stuffed grape leaves, stuffed eggplant, or stuffed peppers, or generally any stuffed vegetables.

Dolma is one of the most important and popular dishes in Turkish cuisine, where vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, pepper, grape leaves, and cabbage are stuffed with a mix of rice with minced meat, spices, roasted pine, dill, currants, and lemon juice.


Döner " Turkish Shawarma"

It is a sandwich of lamb, beef, or chicken slowly cooked served with vegetables, spices, and yogurt with garlic.

Crème Brûlée


It is similar to döner.

It is a roll of bread (as burrito) full of meat, cheese, or chicken, vegetables, spices, fresh parsley, and lemon were served with it.


Şiş Kebap

Shish Kebab is a lamb, chicken, or fish meat placed on wooden or metal barbecue skewers and is often served with bread and Ayran.


Karnıyarık Or İmam Bayıldı

Karnıyarık is the main dish in Turkish cuisine.

It is consisting of eggplant stuffed with a mix of sauteed chopped onions, garlic, black pepper, tomatoes, optional green pepper, parsley, and ground meat.


Baklalı Enginar "Artichokes with Broad Bean Seeds"

It is an artichoke dressed in lemon juice and oil and served cold with beans, fresh parsley, and mushrooms.

mille feuille

Pilav "Turkish Rice"

It’s one of the most basic dishes in Turkish cuisine.

It has a special taste. The rice is cooked in seasoned broth until its color becomes brown or golden.

You can add onions and vegetables as well as spices, meat, fish, pasta, and dried fruits, and sometimes it is served with chickpeas and nuts.




It is the most famous Turkish dessert ever.

Baklava is a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts or pistachios and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.

tartin tart


Kunefe is a famous Turkish dessert made with cheese and shredded pistachios dough, soaked in sweet syrup or honey syrup.


Lokum "Turkish Delight"

Lokum is one of the famous desserts in Turkey which is associated with Turkey's heritage.

It has many names as "Turkish Delights" and "Lokum".

It is a sweet made of starch and sugar gel.

Containing chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts or walnuts and flavored with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon.

It is served aside with Turkish coffee or Turkish tea.


Güllaç " Queen of the Ramadan Desserts"

Güllaç is a Turkish dessert made with milk, starch, rosewater, nuts, pomegranate, and a special kind of pastry.

It is consumed especially during Ramadan.


Kayısı Tatlısı

One of the most famous Turkish sweets.

It is a dried apricot stuffed with nuts, cream, or cashew.

Kayısı Tatlısı

Dandorma "Turkish Ice-cream"

Traditional Turkish ice cream is chewy, thick, and has an elastic texture. It contains milk, sugar, salep, and mastic.




Ayran is looked like yogurt but it is more liquid.

The milk is mixed with an equal quantity of yogurt with slight salt and cold water.

It is used to serve with meals.


Turkish Coffee

The most important beverage you can drink in Turkey is Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is the only type of coffee that cooking takes place during its preparation.

The coffee beans are grind and roasted before making coffee and that makes the taste special.

Cream Tea

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is one of the most popular drinks in Turkey is considered to be the "National drink Of Turkey"

Boil water in two different pots using one small pot for a very strong tea brew, and a larger pot (or kettle) for additional boiled water.

Fill each glass only 1/3 with the brewed tea mixture. The rest of the glass should be topped with additional boiled water.


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