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Famous Food in Russia

Russian food has developed over centuries because the cuisine has evolved in the homes of ordinary people, modern Russian cuisine is both unique and diverse.

Here are some of the most delicious Russian food you should try if you visit Russia.

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Appetizer (Mezze) & Main Courses


Borscht is a beetroot soup that actually originated in Ukraine and was quickly adopted as a Russian specialty as well.

Borscht is a traditional Russian soup made of beetroot that’s loaded with potatoes, carrots, tomato, and a type of meat.

It can be served either hot or cold and topped with dill and sour cream.

It is full of meat and sautéed vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes accompanied with a piece of rye bread or garlic bread topped with melted cheese, this dish is hearty enough to serve as a meal, although it is usually eaten as a starter.


Russians believe if you want your day to be a successful one, you should start it with a bowl of kasha for breakfast.

Kasha is rich in fiber, potassium, and protein. Essentially Russian porridge, it can be baked, or boiled in hot water or milk.

Traditionally, layers of nuts, fruits, or jams are assembled between the milk crust and the semolina filling.

Before serving, the dish is typically sprinkled with sugar and baked until a crispy skin is formed on top.

Russian kasha refers to various dishes which are created with cereals, most commonly rice, wheat, or millet, Oats, rye, buckwheat, and quinoa. Kasha is the most common meal in Russia.

It is easy to cook, healthy to eat and everybody can afford it.

Ukha (Russian Fish Soup)

Ukha, or fish soup, is the ultimate Russian comfort food.

A bowl of ukha consists of a broth cooked with herbs, seasonings, roots vegetables as potato & carrot, and fish fillets as salmon, cod, perch, bream, & trout.


Solyanka is a traditional Russian thick soup made with various types of meat including beef, sausage, pork, chicken, fish, as well as vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olives, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.

The soup is usually served with lemon wedges on the side, but it is also flavored with lemon juice during the cooking process, also, it is traditionally served with sour cream and dill.

This dish was originally from Georgia but can now be found all over Russia.

Originally, solyanka served as both an excellent appetizer and a main dish.