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Famous food in Pakistan

Pakistani food is rich, full of spice, generous with ghee, and unbelievably tasty, it’s almost natural to compare to Indian cuisine.

But Pakistani cuisine itself is varied.

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Paratha is a type of Indian bread that is typically consumed for breakfast in Pakistan.

It consists of whole wheat flour that is baked in ghee and comes in round, triangular, square, or heptagonal shapes and then fried over a hot plate in a generous amount of oil or ghee.

Parathas are often stuffed with ingredients such as boiled potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, chili, paneer, or radish. They are sometimes accompanied by pickles, yogurt, homemade chutneys, or meat and vegetable curries.

One of the greatest things about eating a paratha is the flaky layers of dough, both gooey and crispy all at the same time.

It is better served with a cup of chai, or even better, dud pathi (only milk tea).


Puri is a deep-fat fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour.

It is eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal across Pakistan & India.

In Pakistan, puri is part of a popular weekend breakfast called halwa puri, which is basically a platter of puri served with halwa, chana masala, and aloo ki bhujia (potato curry).

Halwa puri is a traditional Pakistani breakfast that features semolina pudding or halwa and a soft fried dough called puri.

Halwa is typically made with a mixture of fried semolina and sugar syrup, which is then combined with nuts such as pistachios and almonds.


Peshwari or Peshawari naan is a traditional flatbread originating from Peshawar, Pakistan. The flatbread is characterized by its filling, consisting of almonds, desiccated coconut, and sultanas or raisins. The dough for this type of naan is made with yeast, water, flour, sugar, oil, and salt, while the filling is ground into a paste, often with the addition of butter and a bit of water. Once cooked, puffed up, and fluffy, this naan is typically brushed with melted butter or ghee, and it's then enjoyed warm alongside curries, especially the spicy ones.


Qatlama is a fried layered bread common in the cuisines of Pakistan.

It is a large round flatbread that is smeared with a vibrant red-colored mixture of gram flour, spices, and herbs before getting deep-fried. The dough usually made with plain flour, water, salt, and oil is then stretched into a huge flat disk before being covered with the spicy mixture and entirely submerged into hot oil to fry until nice and crispy.

This flatbread is a common breakfast meal, but it is also found in Pakistani restaurants worldwide.


Samosas are a filling snack made out of a flour-coated triangular crust filled with green chilies, a variety of finely chopped herbs, and boiled potatoes.

These deep-fried, triangular pastries are filled with a variety of ingredients ranging from vegetables to meat, such as onions, lentils, spiced potatoes, peas, or ground meat such as lamb, chicken, and beef mince.