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Famous food in New Zealand

New Zealand cuisine is known for its unique dishes which adapted from various cultures around the world, including British, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern.

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Manuka Honey

This is actually a world-famous New Zealand & Australian food.

Manuka honey comes from the manuka tree which is native to New Zealand. The honey has a much richer, heavier flavor than regular honey quite a distinct smell too, it is also very expensive but very delicious. Kiwis* use manuka mostly as medicine. They are also believed to have healing properties for sore throats, allergies, gingivitis, and digestive illnesses.

The purer the manuka component of the honey is, the healthy and more expensive it is.

* Kiwi doesn’t refer to the fruit, it refers to the New Zealander's people.


Marmite is a paste made of yeast extract combined with different herbs & spices, it is best eaten as a thin spread on toast bread, or crackers, with a bit of butter or margarine to it.

Marmite is served as a snack or at breakfast.

It’s been eaten in New Zealand since 1919 and is considered a weird New Zealand food by many tourists.

Possum Stew

Possum stew is a dish traditionally associated with New Zealand and the American South. The possum animal is mainly cut into pieces and cooked alongside potatoes, carrots, onions, and various spices.

Though it is traditionally prepared as a home-cooked meal, it is also found on the menus of local restaurants that serve it as an authentic delicacy. The stew is usually served with bread on the side.

Boil up

Boil-up is a unique traditional Māori food.