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Famous Food in Greece

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Greek cuisine has been influenced by Middle Eastern, Italian, and Ottoman cultures. Fresh vegetables, fish, olive oil, wine, meat, and grains play a significant role in these dishes, as well as cheese, bread, olives, herbs, and yogurt.

Here are some of the most delicious Greek food you should try if you visit Greece.

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Appetizer (Mezze) & Main Courses


koulouri is a large soft bread ring covered in sesame seeds. Koulouri is often bought from street vendors stands yellow street carts and eaten on the go with a cup of coffee. Koulouria originate from Greece's Jewish community.


This nutritious soup is famous for its healing properties and looks easy to make.

It is cooked by slowly boiling a whole chicken in a pot with vegetables and rice and then picking the meat off, cutting the skin and bones.

Then Avgolemono (the egg and lemon sauce) is added.

The soup is a rich, silky smooth soup that gives fat, carbs, and protein with vitamin C.


Magiritsa is a Greek national dish. It refers to a dense and filling Greek soup made with lamb offal, greens, onions, and dill. It’s the opening meal that breaks the Greek Orthodox Fast or Lent.