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Famous Food In Bolivia

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Bolivian cuisine has been influenced by the Inca cuisine, Aymara cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and to a lesser extent the cuisines of other neighboring countries, like Argentina and Paraguay. European immigration to Bolivia is not as common when compared with other Latin American countries, and while German, Italian, Basque and other cuisines have influenced the cuisine of Bolivia, Spanish cuisine remains the primary influence.

Here Are the national and famous dishes you should try in Bolivia.

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Sopa De Mani (Peanut soup)

Sopa de maní (peanut soup) is a traditional soup in Bolivia.

It is very unique, the main ingredient is the peanut, which is actually native to Bolivia.

This soup is textured, creamy made from finely ground raw peanuts, beef broth, diced tomato, diced onion, peas, cumin, and oregano.

It is served over a cut of calf or beef ribs with cubed boiled potatoes and topped with little crispy fries. it is accompanied by Llaju (a red Bolivian sauce that you can use to add spiciness to the dish).

It is always served on birthdays or special holidays.


Crema de Choclo

Crema de choclo also called lagwa de choclo is essentially corn cream soup.

The soup has a different flavor and texture from that of the typical North American sweet corn and its kernels are almost white in color and larger, the raw corn grinds before adding it to thicken the broth.

Bacon pieces, lima beans, cubed potatoes, cumin, garlic, ají, and cream are added to add more flavor to the soup.

The soup is served over slices of salty cheese and topped with a poached egg.

Chairo Soup