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Famous Food In Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a foodie destination because of its fresh seafood, top-notch rum, and flavorful dishes. Although Caribbean islands have similar dishes, they all differ and have their own unique spin on cuisine.

Here Are the national and famous dishes you should try in Antigua and Barbuda.

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Goat Water Soup

Goat water soup (or mannish water) is a light soup cooked up with any piece of goat meat including bones, breadfruit, onions, tomatoes, flour, and fresh herbs, and spices like cinnamon and clove are added in, and sometimes dumplings, yams, potatoes, and more. Goat water is usually eaten around breakfast time.


Black Angelhair Fritters

The black angel hair fritters are prepared with blue crab meat, minced vegetables, minced conch, seasonings, eggs, black angel hair pasta, and baking powder.

Once mixed, the ingredients are fried in oil. Most people use parsley and diced tomatoes for garnishing at the end. It can be served with curry sauce on the side.

Johnny Cake

Johnnycake is a cornmeal flatbread, served with fillings including cheese, saltfish, or other ingredients. Johnnycakes in Antigua are made with cornmeal, sugar, salt, milk, or water.

It is best served as a breakfast meal, or as a side with a light lunch.