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Famous Food in Andorra

Updated: May 23, 2021

Andorran traditional food is mainly Catalan, with some influences from the French and Spanish cuisine.

Here are the most famous dishes in Andorra

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Chicory Salad

This salad is made with wild chicory leaves, bacon, often snails, and nuts this salad is just one more expression of the nutrition-conscious Andorran culture.

It is usually served in the summertime as they love to eat something fresh and light.


It is known as Andorra’s national dish.

This dish is mainly served during the winter season and on holidays.

It is basically a special kind of soup that is made with cooked pasta, pulses, and different vegetables. It also features potatoes, cabbage, and white beans or chickpeas.

(Large pasta shells are also typically added)

The traditional Escudella contains different kinds of meat including sausages, chicken, meatballs, veal, and pork.

It is very popular all over the country and is found in all restaurants, almost every restaurant in Andorra offers its version of the meal, some of the more traditional, and some are very modernized.


Just like its neighbor France, Andorra loves snails.

Cargols are served as the main dish in Andorra.

There are various ways of cooking snails, the typical dish is "cargols a la lluna" in which the snails are oven cooked with salt, pepper, olive oil, and aioli sauce (a special garlic mayonnaise) or a paprika-infused vinaigrette.