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Famous Food in Albania

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Albanian Cuisine is classified as " Mediterranean food" that contains a lot of seafood, vegetables, meat, chicken and olive oil in its ingredients, Herbs are widely used as well, adding distinct and delicious flavor to the food.

Here is the most famous food in Albania you have to try while visiting Albania.

Appetizer & Starter


Byrek is such a popular food in many Balkan countries that each country has its own version of Byrek, it is often filled with savory ingredients, like spinach, cheese and eggs, onion and tomatoes, and meat, and also sweet ingredients like pumpkin. It is cooked in a large pan in the oven and then cut into squares, triangles, or rectangles for serving.

It is served as a snack, appetizer, or breakfast and is even eaten as a late-night snack and is frequently served with Dhalle (a yogurt-based beverage) or Greek yogurt. This dish is very typical among all Balkan countries and probably originated in the Ottoman Empire.