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Famous food in Afghanistan

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The Afghan cuisine was influenced by its border trade routes with different countries. From Iran came the coriander, mint, and the cooking style using veggie greens like herbs, spinach, etc. Mongolia contributed the noodles and dumplings, while from India came the chilies, pepper, and other spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, and nutmeg. Here are the famous Authentic dishes in Afghanistan.

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Afghan bread, or Nân-i Afğânī, is the national bread of Afghanistan.

The bread is oval or rectangular and baked in a tandoor, a cylindrical oven that is widely used in South Asia. The Afghan version of the tandoor sits above ground and is made of bricks, which are heated to cook the bread.


Aushak is known as Afghanistan leek and scallion dumplings.

This dish is made of pasta dumplings filled with vegetables either chopped spring onions and leek and without cheese and meat in it.

It is usually served with a meaty tomato sauce.

The meal is often enjoyed with yogurt and dry mint garnishes. However, a vegetarian variety is also available.

It is a common menu for public holidays and Islamic festive gatherings like Eid and Ramadan.


Bolani* is traditional street food, it is stuffed, baked, or pan-fried flatbread that is made of unleavened dough filled with meats, seafood, vegetables, pumpkin, spinach, spring onions, potato, chives, or even green or red lentils.

Bolani is often served as a side dish to accompany the main course meal and it is well-known as a dish that is rich in proteins, fiber, and vitamins.

It is great to be eaten as a snack if you are looking for something light to eat for your meal.

*Bolani is also known as Perakai or Poraki.