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14 Dish You have to Eat in Argentina

Argentine cuisine is described as a cultural blending of Mediterranean influences as well as Native American influences, within the wide scope of agricultural products that are abundant in the country

Here are the most famous food in Argentina


Locro is A national dish served on May 25 to celebrate Argentina’s May Revolution

It is cooked from white corn, beef or pork, chorizo, some vegetables are added as white beans, pumpkin, and seasoned by cumin, bay leaves.

It is an ideal winter warmer dish.


Humita is a main dish in Argentina and also eaten as a savory snack.

Made with fresh corn, milk, onion, spices, and goat cheese.

Folded into corn leaf, the whole humita is steamed or boiled.


provoleta is made from cow’s milk and is topped with oregano , slices of fried cheese and chili flakes.

Grilled in a specifically sized skillet or foil, provoleta is made from cow’s milk and is topped with oregano.

Good provoleta is slightly crispy outside and melted inside. Drizzling the top with olive oil and chili flakes.


Eaten as appetizers or as dessert

It is a stuffed dough are baked or fried filled with meat or vegetables or chicken or pork or cheese or blue cheese.

Dessert empanadas are filled with jam or dulce de leche before being sprinkled with cinnamon or sugar .

Argentinian schnitzel Milanesa

It is known as escalope in the rest of the world

Usually made from beef or chicken breast, the meat is hammered down to a thin cut before being coated with breadcrumbs, then either fried or baked.

It is topped with a fried egg, cheese and tomato sauce, served with french fries.


Asado refers to both a barbecue as well as a traditional way of grilling beef.

It is one of the most famous dishes in Argentina, where grilled meat such as sausages, beef or pork is served with Chimichurri sauce.


One of the most important dishes in Argentina, it is widely used in winter .

It is a soup of beef, cooked with potatoes, corn, carrots, peppers, apricots, peaches.

And seasoned with paprika, oregano, thyme, onion, garlic, parsley and hot pepper.


In Argentina, it is common to eat lama, which is different from beef, because it contains a small percentage of fat, which makes it a healthy alternative to meat.

Pizza Fainâ

Argentinian pizzas differ from Italian pizzas.

Argentinian pizza is famous for its thick dough, little tomato sauce, and a lot of Argetine mozzarella cheese. Then covered with a little green olives, oregano or chili chips.


Chorizo is a type of pork sausage. Traditionally, it uses natural casings made from intestines, a method used since Roman times.

It is chopped pork added to red pepper, chili peppers and paprika.


Dulce de leche

One of the most famous pastry in Argentina.

It is mad from boiled condensed milk until it becomes a thick caramel paste

It is eaten as a snack, and the most famous one is alfajores .


Is a famous Argentine dessert, it is two layers of small cookies, stuffed with Dulce de Leche.

It is coated with chocolate, powdered sugar, or grated coconut.


It is mainly served at the breakfast in Argentina.

It is a type of dessert has a shape of a crescent and covered with sugar.

Ice cream

Argentina is famous for its ice cream and it is one of the Italian influences on Argentina and is famous for being fat-free.

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