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Updated: Oct 2, 2022

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Country Name

Denmark or officially the Kingdom of Denmark.


Denmark is located in northern Europe. Denmark is bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Denmark lies southwest of Sweden and south of Norway and is bordered to the south by Germany. Denmark has two independent territories in the North Atlantic Ocean: the Faroe Islands and Greenland.



Reason for Naming

The etymology of the name "Denmark", the relationship between "Danes" and "Denmark", and the emergence of Denmark as a unified kingdom are topics of continuous scholarly debate. This is centered primarily on the prefix "Dan" and whether it refers to the Dani or a historical person Dan and the exact meaning of the -"mark" ending. Most etymological dictionaries and handbooks derive "Dan" from a word meaning "flat land", related to German Tenne "threshing floor", English den "cave". The word "mark" is believed to mean woodland or borderland, with probable references to the border forests in south Schleswig.


Legend relates that the Dannebrog ("Danish cloth" in Danish) fell from the skies on 15 June 1219, the day on which King Waldemar II defeated the Estonians in battle. The flag consists of just two colors red and white colors.

A white Scandinavian cross is featured on a red background, This cross extends to all edges of the flag.

These colors were selected because the kings of Denmark used a white-on-red cross dating back to the 14th century. The meaning of the Scandinavian cross is simple. This design symbolized Christianity.

Flags featuring the Scandinavian cross are used in all Nordic countries with

the exception of Greenland.

So the white cross represents Christianity, while the red color represe