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Customs & Traditions in Egypt

Updated: May 5, 2021

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General Etiquette

  • It is considered impolite to point the toe, heel, or any part of the foot toward another person. Showing the sole of one’s shoe is also impolite.

  • Modest dress and presentation are highly valued in Egyptian culture.

  • Greetings often occur before any form of social interaction. For example, a person joining a group is expected to greet all those present.

  • Generally, the younger have to respect older, not challenging their seniors and using special verbal terms of address for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and older non-relatives.

  • It is expected that one shows appreciation when offered a compliment. This is done by responding with an equally respectful compliment on the same subject.

  • Egyptian society does not allow relations before marriage, and if it happens, it remains secret until the date of official engagement.

  • People can not express love, embracing, and kissing in the streets because it is not acceptable in Egyptian religion, and morally.

  • Men and women can’t have a relationship unless there’s an official bond like a marriage or family bond.

  • Commonly, Egyptians love to help people, If you ask them any question, they will answer it happily. if they don't know the answer they will try helping you by asking others around them.

  • A man's word is considered his bond and to go back on your word is to bring dishonor to your family.


  • Family plays an important role in social relations.

  • The individual is always subordinate to the family, tribe, or group.

  • The family consists of both the nuclear and the extended family.