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Customs & Traditions in Albania

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General Etiquette

- If you see two Albanians speaking loudly, don’t think that they are arguing. They are just talking about important topics, especially politics.

- It’s considered polite to dress modestly when traveling around Albania, both men and women should avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing.

- When shaking hands, it’s important to use your right hand only.

- Some of the most important Albanian cultural beliefs include the belief in the power of magic, the importance of family, and the respect for elders.

- Albanians also have a great deal of respect for their elders.

- Elderly members of the community are often seen as wise and experienced, and they are treated with deference.

- Young people are expected to listen to the advice of their elders and to show them respect.

- Smile and have fun with Albanians, they know really the meaning of life. Try to enjoy every part of your trip to Albania. You will discover great people, with great hearts and have a very unique experience. Not to mention the beauty of nature which is a gift from God.


- One of the most significant aspects of Albanian culture is the importance placed on family life.

- Family relationships are strong, and most families live near to one another, offering support and assistance when needed.

- They often live in close-knit extended families, and they value loyalty and support within the community.

- There are still lots of regulations concerning the dating scene. Most Albanian families are very traditional about a man and woman being engaged before they can spend any time together alone.

- Arrange marriages are still common in Albanian cultures, however, it is increasingly up to young men and women to choose who they want to marry.

- Dating is becoming more and more acceptable by Albanians.

- Women are the caretakers of the home and their families. They are expected to serve their husbands, raise their sons, and welcome and serve any guests that come into their homes.

- Women are increasingly becoming employed and while many of the men remain unemployed, women don't seem to have as tough a time finding work.

- In the larger Albanian cities, it is becoming increasingly acceptable for women to both drink alcohol and smoke. Smoking used to be very unacceptable for women, but that is changing more and more.