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Culture, Customs & Festivals in Brazil

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Every country has its own culture which is different from one place to another, and from tribe to tribe in the same country, all these differences in other cultures we have to respect it even if it's strange or not similar to the ones we are used, and also we have to be aware of it.

Brazilian culture shares many similarities with other Latin countries. However, some Brazilian habits are very unusual for foreigners from North America, Asia, and Europe.

The traditions of Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the whole of Africa, and even of some Asian countries, such as China and Japan are all the little puzzles that make up the Brazilian nation today. But what differentiates Brazil from some other former colonies is that people have developed a distinctive ‘Brazilian style’, which even if mixed – cannot lose its remarkable nature.

Here we have special unique cultural customs and traditions that Brazilians own to share them with you, which the world doesn’t know much about.
Let’s check a few Brazilian habits foreigners may find to be weird:

1- Brushing Teeth at Work

Brazilians are very concern when it comes to cleanliness.

Brazilians bring toothbrushes and paste with them to work so that they can brush their teeth after lunch they usually brush their teeth after lunch and continue with their day with a healthy and clean smile. A typical Brazilian will often brush their teeth four times a day, and some restaurants even provide Listerine to their customers.

2- Too many showers a day

The average Brazilian showers at least twice a day. Once before going to work and once before bed. During the humid summer days, Brazilians may take three or four showers a day.

Skipping on showers is not acceptable in Brazilian culture. Not even during colder days. Not even if you stayed in bed all day long.