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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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Country Name

Algeria or The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.


Algeria is located in the northwest of the African continent, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from the north. Algeria is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco, and Western Sahara, to the west, Mauritania, Mali, and Niger to the south, and Libya and Tunisia to the east.

Algeria is the largest country in the continent of Africa.



Reason for Naming the country

In past Algeria was known as Numidia. Then it was called in the era of the Phoenicians "Akuzim" and continued until then ruled by King "Belkin bin Ziri", where he expanded the city and the construction of an expanded scheme and worked on its implementation, and changed its name to "Algeria Beni Mazgneh" because of the spread of small islands around their city,

The Arabs after opening it called it "Middle Morocco" to distinguish it from Far Morocco - Morocco currently - and Africa - present Tunisia.

In the Ottoman era, the whole country was named as its capital"Algeria". Which was acquired from four small islands that were located along the city's coast and known as Algeria's Beni Mazgene the city was then abbreviated in Algeria only


The flag of Algeria was adopted on 3 July 1962. The Algerian flag is half green on the left side and half white on the right side with a crescent moon and star in the center.

The flag of Algeria features two vertical bands with a red star and a red crescent moon centered directly over the two bands. The crescent moon, five-pointed star, and the color green used on the flag are all symbols of Islam, which is the official religion of Algeria.