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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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Country Name

Afghanistan or officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Afghanistan is located in southern Asia. Afghanistan is bordered by Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan to the north, Iran to the west, and Pakistan to the south and east.



Reason for Naming the country

"Stan" is a Persian word that means country. So Afghanistan means "The country of the Afghans". It was named in ancient times "Khorasan", it is a Persian word and it means the land on which the sun rises.


The flag of Afghanistan was adopted in 2002, The first use of the flag was in 1928. The current flag was adopted on August 19, 2013. Afghanistan has changed its national flag more than any other country at all, in general, since 1709 Afghanistan has changed its national flag 25 times. The flag consists of three vertical stripes Black, Red, and Green, color with the National Emblem in white centered on the red stripe and then slightly overlapping the black and green bands. From 1928 to the present day. The flag has the same colors and the official emblem of the State of Afghanistan (there is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of God) according to the design that was made. Black refers to the time of occupation and injustice and it was a dark period, Red refers to a large number of bloodshed, Green refers to the prosperity of civilization and Islamic freedom and it will be a bright green period.


The population speaks more than one language: Dari language, which is the official language, Pashto is the Afghan language, it is also considered the official language as the national anthem said in Pashto.

The Uzbek language is spoken by the inhabitants of the northern cities,

Baluch language, which is united by the Baluchi minority in Helmand, and Neroz, The Arabic language is spoken by the inhabitants of Mazar-e-Sharif; the Pashto language.


Islam is the religion of the majority of the population in the Republic of Afghanistan, but some minorities that condemn the Hindu religion and Judaism.


Afghani (AFN).