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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

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Country Name

Peru, or officially the Republic of Peru.


Peru is located in western South America.

It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil,

in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean.



Reason for Naming the country

Since the Conquest, historians have proposed or supported many etymological hypotheses. According to one of these hypotheses, the country's name may be derived from Bir, the name of a local monarch who resided near the Bay of San Miguel, Panama City, in the early 16th century.

When Spanish explorers reached their estates in 1522, they were the southernmost area of the New World known to Europeans.

As a result, when Francisco Pizarro explored the territories further south, they were known asBirú or Perú


The government of Peru adopted the flag of Peru on 25 February 1824 and modified it on 31 March 1950. The Peruvian flag is made up of three vertical stripes of red and white, with the Peruvian National Coat of Arms in the center of the white stripe.

The Red represents the blood that was spilled in the fight. White represents Purity and Peace. Peru also has a state flag that incorporates the shield from the national coat of arms in the middle of the flag. There is also another flag used in the nation that does not include the coat of arms.

Fact flag: