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Country Name

Peru, officially the Republic of Peru.


Peru is located in western South America.

It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil,

in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean.




Reason for naming the country 

Historians have put forward or supported various etymological theories since the Conquest.  One of these theories declared that;

The name of the country may be derived from Birú, the name of a local ruler who lived near the Bay of San Miguel, Panama City, in the early 16th century.

When his possessions were visited by Spanish explorers in 1522, they were the southernmost part of the New World yet known to Europeans.

Thus, when Francisco Pizarro explored the regions farther south, they came to be designated Birú or Perú


The flag of Peru was adopted by the government of Peru on 25 February 1824 

and modified on 31 March 1950. 

The flag of Peu composed of three vertical stripes of two colors red, & white,

and there is the Peruvian National Coat of Arms in the middle of the white stripe. 

The Red represents the blood that was spilled for the fight.

White represents Purity and Peace.

Peru also has a state flag that incorporates the shield from the national coat of arms in the middle of the flag.

There is also another variant flag that is used in the country that does not feature the coat of arms.

Fact flag:

- The flag of Peru is similar to the flag of Canada.

- Nicknames for the flag of Peru include The Bicolor Banner and the National Ensign.

- Flag Day is celebrated every June 7. This is the anniversary of the Battle of Arica.

Flag of Peru
Flag of Peru


Peru has many languages are used, about 50 different and popular languages are spoken, there are 72 dialects are considered.

The majority of these languages are indigenous, but the most common language is Spanish, which considered the main language of the population speaks.

Spanish is followed by the country's indigenous languages, especially all types of Quechua and Aymara as well as the languages of the Amazon and the Peruvian Sign Language.

In urban areas of the country, especially the coastal region, most people are monolingual and only speak Spanish, while in many rural areas of the country, especially in the Amazon, multilingual populations are prevalent.


Peru’s constitution provides for freedom of religion.

More than four-fifths of Peruvians are Roman Catholic; Protestants, other Christians, and followers of traditional beliefs form small religious minorities.



Time Zone

-05:00 GMT.

peru soles

Government Regime

Unitary presidential republic.


Because Peru has such diverse geography,  the weather can be varied per region.

If it's warm on the coast, it can be freezing in the mountains,  and you can find completely different weather in the jungle.

On the coast,

winter lasts from June to September. During this period, the mountainous areas are often sunny and warm during the day but with high humidity and thick mist in Winter and cold at night. This is tourist season and the best time to visit most regions.


The highlands have two seasons: Summer (April - Oct.), when the days are sunny, the nights cold and there is little rain (the ideal time to visit); and Winter (Nov. - March), when rain is frequent and heavy.

During the day the temperature can reach 24 °C and at nightfall to -3 °C.

The jungle

The jungle, like the highlands, has two well-defined seasons: the rainy season (Nov. - March), with abundant rainfall; and the relatively dry seasons (April - Oct.), which is the ideal time to visit.

Humidity is very high throughout the year. Occasional "cold snaps" or "surazos" occur between May and August when the temperature falls to 8 °C - 12 °C.

The best time in the Andean areas and in the Amazon is the Southern Hemisphere winter (June to August), while along the coast during this period the weather is cool, cloudy, and foggy. To find warm and sunny weather along the coast and in Lima, the best time is from December to April, and in particular, the best period for swimming is from January to March.

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