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Country Name

Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay.


Paraguay is a country located in South America.

It is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east

and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest.

Although it is one of only two landlocked countries in South America -the other country is Bolivia-, the country has coasts, beaches, and ports on the Paraguay and Paraná rivers that give exit to the Atlantic Ocean through the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.

 Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as The Heart of South America.




Reason for naming the country 

Paraguay got its name from the Paraguay River.

The river is called Rio Paraguay in Spanish, Ysyry Paraguai in Guarani, and Rio Paraguai in Portuguese.

The Paraguay River flows through Paraguay dividing the country into two.


Another Opinion says;

From the Paraguayan Guarani language, the name Paraguay is made up of two words.

These words are ‘para' and ‘guay.' According to scholars, ‘para’ means water while ‘guay’ means birth. Therefore, Paraguay means ‘the water that gives birth to the Ocean’ or ‘born of water.'

Other scholars clarify that ‘para’ refers to a mighty river, ‘gua’ means to or from, while ‘y’ refers to water. So these three translations mean ‘water from a mighty river.


The flag of Paraguay was first adopted in 1842.

The current flag was adopted on July 15, 2013.

The flag consists of three horizontal stripes Red, White, and Blue.

The flag is unique because of its obverse and reverse sides it has 2

different sides: the obverse of the flag shows the national coat of arms,

and the reverse shows the seal of the treasury.

The emblems on the front and back of the flag were changed again in 2013.

It features a white circle with a golden five-pointed star surrounded by an olive and palm branch and the words “Republica Del Paraguay” above.

The reverse of the Coat of Arms also is the Seal of the Supreme Court. It features a right-facing golden lion with staff and liberty cap. About is the motto “PEACE AND JUSTICE”.

The Red represents loyalty, courage, heroism, equality, and justice;

The White represents purity, firmness, union, and peace;

The blue represents peace, love, knowledge, truth, and liberty.


*Flag Facts:

-  Paraguay is one of the only nations in the world to feature a flag with a different design on each side.

- The flag of Paraguay is similar to the flag of Croatia, the flag of the Netherlands, and the flag of Luxembourg. the only distinguishable bit between the flags is that the flag of Paraguay has the coat of arms featured on the flag.

-Although the four flags use similar colors, the flag of Luxembourg has lighter shades of red and blue. 

-The triband design of Paraguay’s national flag was inspired by the Dutch and French flags.

Flag of Paraguay (reverse)
Flag of Paraguay (obverse)


Paraguay is a bilingual nation.

Both Spanish and Guaraní are official languages.

While Guaraní is still widely spoken, Spanish is generally given special treatment in government, business, media, and education.

There are also Minority Languages Spoken in Paraguay such as;  Aché,  Ayoreo, Chamacoco, Iyo'wujwa, Kaskihá, Lengua, Maká, Nivaclé, Pai Tavytera.


Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism, is the dominant religion in Paraguay.

Most of the population are Catholic, while some of them are Evangelical Protestant, indigenous religions are practiced as well.

 JudaismMormonism, and the Bahá'í Faith as prominent religious groups.

It also mentions a large Muslim community in Alto Paraná (as a result of Middle-Eastern immigration, especially from Lebanon and a prominent Mennonite community in Boquerón.



Paraguayan banknot

Time Zone

-04:00 GMT.

-03:00 GMT (summer time).

Government Regime

Unitary dominant-party presidential republic.


The overall climate is tropical to subtropical. Like most lands in the region, Paraguay has only wet and dry periods.

Winds play a major role in influencing Paraguay's weather: between October and March, warm winds blow from the Amazon Basin in the north, while the period between May and August brings cold winds from the Andes.

The best time to visit Paraguay is from April to October.

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