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Country Name

Morocco,  officially the Kingdom of Morocco.


Morocco is located in northwestern Africa.

Morocco is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Alboran Sea,

Algeria to the east, Western Sahara to the south, and Spain (Ceuta and Melilla) to the north.




The reason for naming the country 

The full Arabic name al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyyah translates to "Kingdom of the West"; as "the West" in Arabic is Al-Gharb.

For historical references, medieval Arab historians and geographers sometimes referred to Morocco as al-Maghrib al-Aqṣá meaning "The Farthest West" to distinguish it from neighboring historical regions called The Middle West and The Nearest West.

The origin of the name Marrakesh is disputed, but is most likely from the  Berber words amur (n) akush or "Land of God".


The Moroccan flag was adopted on November 17, 1915.

Until 1956, Morocco was a French colony, but unlike other colonized

nations, Morocco did not adopt the French tricolor flag and managed

to retain its own flag during this period.

The flag consists of a red background with a  green emerald pentagram.

The red color represents hardiness, bravery, strength, and courage, while

the green represents love, joy, wisdom, peace, and hope; it also represents Islam, and the pentagram represents the seal of Solomon and it is said the five branches also represent the pillars of Islam.



Morocco recognizes both Modern Standard Arabic and Berber as its official languages

French is the country's primary language of economics, culture, commerce, medicine, and sciences and it is used in government and schools as well.

Standard Arabic is mostly heard in schools, administrative offices, and mosques.


 Islam is the pre dominant religion in Morocco , 99% of Moroccans are Muslim.

Christianity is the second largest religion, has been in Morocco before the arrival of Islam.

There are few Jews in the country, most of them having relocated from Israel.

A small number of Moroccans practice the Baha'i faith. In recent years the number of the non-religious has been increasing in Morocco.


Moroccan dirham (MAD)

Moroccan dirham.jpg

Time Zone

01:00 GMT

Government Regime

Unitary parliamentary Semi-constitutional monarchy.


In Morocco, the climate is Mediterranean on the coasts, while it's dessert in inland areas and continental in the highest mountains.

The best time to visit Morocco avoiding hot periods, you can choose spring and autumn, in March-April and from October to mid-November. There may be both cold nights and hot days, but the temperature is generally pleasant, and there are many sunny days, although it can sometimes rain.
For a beach holiday, you can go on the Atlantic coast from July to September, and on the Mediterranean coast in July and August.

As mentioned, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are cool even in summer, especially in the southern part, and fogs and mists may form in the morning along the coast, reducing the hours of sunshine.

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