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 Country Name

France and officially The French Republic.



France, it is located in western Europe, as well as several overseas

regions and territories. Which consists of a group of islands and

territories overseas located on other continents.

Bordered by Belgium and Luxembourg to the north-east,

Germany and Switzerland to the east,

Italy and Monaco to the south-east.

The south-west side is bordered by Spain and Andorra.

It is bordered by the North Sea to the north, The English Channel to the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean in the southeast.

As for natural boundaries, to the south and southeast, the Pyrenees and the Alps and the Jura, respectively, and to the east, the Rhine river.


Reason for naming the country 

The name "France" comes from the Latin Francia, or "country of the Franks".

It is a Germanic people who came from the north to settle in France, this term was used after the fall of Rome until the Middle Ages refers to the country where France is currently.

The coronation of King Hugh Capet of the Franks was referred to as the Kingdom of Francia, then officially France in the reign of Philip August and still known to France today.






The flag of France is a tricolor flag with three colored columns

Blue, White and Red.

The flag was first used in 1789, after the French Revolution,

and became the official flag of France on 15 February 1794.

The colors red, white, and blue signify freedom, equality, and

fraternity, which were the core of the French Revolution.



The official language of France is French, a Romance language derived from Latin.

France is the second largest *Francophone country in the world. After the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Most people speak French as an indigenous language living in France because it is the place where the language originated.

The rest are distributed among Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco; And some French-speaking African countries.

* Francophone is an international organization of French-speaking countries (as an official language or a common language)



France is a secular country, and freedom of religion is a constitutional right.

The majority of its population follows Catholic Christianity,

the second category does not follow a religion,

it has a Muslim minority, and some Jews, the Protestant, and the Buddhists.





Time Zone

+01:00 GMT

But there are 12 time zones in France 

(-03:00) : (-10:00) GMT

(+03:00) :  (+12:00) GMT


Government Regime

Is a constitutional republic with a centralized and parliamentary system with a presidential bent.



France is influenced by a mild climate, but there is a marked variation between the regions, where the French regions along the Mediterranean coast prevail in a semi-tropical climate, while the temperate climate prevails over the Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures from the ocean provide temperature moderation, The southern wind contributes to this, and the interior of the country is living in a cold winter, and high temperatures in summer, and the rates of rainfall in both seasons on the country.


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