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Country Name

The official name of the country is Barbados.




Is an island country in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean region of 

North America.

 It is situated in the western area of the North Atlantic and 100 km east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea, and about 168 km east of both the countries of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and 400 km north-east of Trinidad and Tobagoand about 265 kilometers north-east of the coast of Venezuela.


Reason for naming the country 

Barbados was originally named Los Barbados in Spanish, which means "the bearded ones".  

"bearded" refers to the long, hanging roots of the bearded fig-tree, indigenous to the island, or to the allegedly bearded Caribs once inhabiting the island, or, more fancifully, to a visual impression of a beard formed by the sea foam that sprays over the outlying reefs.






The Barbados flag was officially adopted on November 30, 1966, and

the Barbadian flag consists of three colors: Blue, Yellowand Black.

The two blue bars symbolize the ocean.

The yellow ribbon, in the middle of the flag, symbolizes the

sands of Barbados beaches.

The black-tinted Trident symbolizes the country's independence from British colonialism.



English is the official language of Barbados,  but not exactly the same as, those of British English.

An English-based creole language, referred to locally as Bajan, is spoken by most Barbadians in everyday life, especially in informal settings



Most Barbadians of African and European descent are Christians

Other religions in Barbados include Hinduism, Islam, Baha`i, Judaism, and Wicca.


Barbadian dollar ($) (BBD).



Time Zone


-04:00 GMT.


Government Regime

Parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy.




The climate is mild tropical, with a rainy season between June and November and a drier season between December and May.


International Phone code

+1 246


Internet Code




Some Facts About Barbados


Barbados Flag
Barbadian Dollar


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