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 Country Name

Bahrain or the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Bahrain is located in Southwest Asia and is located in the middle of the Arabian Gulf.

It is bordered by Saudi Arabis from, and from the south by Qatar.

It consists of small groups of islands gathered that form the country.

bahrain map.png

Reason For naming the country 

Bahrain is made up of 33 islands, the largest island in Bahrain. The name of this island is due to the presence of freshwater springs in the saltwater. Because this island is the largest, it takes the name of the country.

The name "Bahrain" refers to the fact that the country contains two sources of water which are the eyes of sweet water and saltwater in the surrounding seas.

It had several names before it was called Bahrain. In the Greek era, it was known as Tylos. It was also known as Delmon.  and before Islam, it was known as Awal (was an idol form of bullhead, located in the current island of Muharraq,) and was worshiped by the people of that region.




The flag consists of two colors: White and Red, separated by five triangles.

Red color refers to battles,

White refers to peace.

As for the five triangles, they represent the number of five

pillars of Islam.

Bahrain Flag


Like most Arabic-speaking countries, the official language of Bahrain is Arabic. Most government communications are in Arabic, while some documents are translated into English when the targeted audience is non-Arabic speakers.

The English language is the de facto national working and primary business language. It is a compulsory second language in most of the schools in Bahrain. Also, several newspapers are issued in English, as well as several TV channels and radio broadcasts. Commercial road signs all over the country are bilingual, displayed both in English and Arabic.

The Persian language is still actively used by mainly the Persian immigrants who have a long history in Bahrain. It is a Western Iranian language with three modern varieties spoken in the country: western Persian, Dari, and Tajik.


Bahrain is an Islamic state, making Islam its official religion. Muslims in Bahrain make up the majority of the population, accounting for 89.2% of the total population. Christians make up 9% of the population, while 9.8% of the population embraces other religions.


 Bahraini Dinar BHD

 Bahraini Dinar BHD

Time Zone

+03:00 GMT.

Government Regime

Constitutional Monarchy.

Climate In Bahrain 

The climate of the Kingdom of Bahrain is characterized by low rainfall, extreme humidity, and heat. Its climate is known as heat exhaustion. Its climate in the summer is very dry, humidity is high and the temperature is high. In winter, the climate is moderate, rain is low, The fall season is characterized by two short seasons in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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