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Country Name

Azerbaijan or the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and

Western Asia,

It is bordered by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south.

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Reason for naming the country
The words "Azer" means "fire" in Persian and "baijan," means "home".

And the reason for the name "Azerbaijan" is because of the volcanoes which were active in this country and so it has been described in the books of history as a "land of fire".

It was also said to have been named as similar to a city in Iran (Explains that the designation of Azerbaijan has been chosen to rob a cultural and historical center from Iran), Which was translated from Iran to "Adarbakan".




The flag of Azerbaijan was adopted on February 5, 1991.

The flag consists of three horizontal lines from the top:

Blue, Red, and Green) and the crescent and the star are eight limbs in

the middle of the red line.

Blue represents "Turkish people"

Red " refers to progress

and Green refers to "Islam".

The crescent and the star are a symbol of Islam, and the eight stars represent the eight branches of the Turkish people, the population races of the state.

Azerbaija Flag


The official language is Azerbaijani, which belongs to the Turkish language family. Russian and English play important roles as second or third languages in education and communications.

There are dozens of other languages used in the country, such as Armenian, Georgian and other languages spoken by minorities.


Azerbaijan is an Islamic country with 95% of the population and the rest of the populations are Christians.

The Shiites in Azerbaijan make up the majority of Muslims, 70% of the population, while the remaining 25% are Hanafis and Shafa'is.


Azerbaijani Manat

Time Zone

 +04:00 GMT

Government Regime 

Republican presidential rule


The region of the Siberian climate is very high, especially in the central Asia region. The Caucasus Mountain Range plays an important role in protecting the country and confronting the cold air masses coming from the north.

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Some Facts About Azerbaijan



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