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 Country Name

Argentina, officially known as the Argentine Republic



Argentina is located in Southern South America, bordered by Chile

from the west and south, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to

Uruguay from the northeast.


Reason for naming the country 

The country was named Argentina, which means the "silver country," derived from the Latin Argentum, meaning silver.

Argentina did not have any sources of silver but was named because the Spanish invaders came to these lands after rumors spread that they contained silver mountains. The first use of the term Argentina could be traced back to the year 1602 CE in a poem by the poet Martin del Barco Santinera, but the name became only circulating in the 18th century.



Buenos Aires



The flag of Argentina is first used in 1812  but without the logo

of the sun in the center, it was added to the flag in 1818.

The logo is also used in Uruguay Flag.

The flag was first raised in Buenos Aires Above the Church of

St. Nicholas on 23 August 1812.

The Flag consists of two colors Light Blue (Cyan)  and White and the sun of May logo is in the middle of the white row.

The cyan symbolizes the  "sky".

The white color symbolizes "silver river and cloud".

The May sun symbolizes May Revolution as well as the Sun itself.




The official language of Argentina is the Spanish language, because most of its population is of Spanish origin, and the Spanish rule of Argentina lasted nearly Three hundred years until independence in 1816.

There are many other languages, including the Italian language, which is the second language in the state,

Arabic language considered to be the  third of the languages of Argentina in terms of the number of speakers, and there are some other languages used as Catalan, Japanese, German, Slovenian, Ukrainian and the language of Plax Romanian, and many other languages that reach about twenty-seven languages.



Argentina is a Catholic Christian state where the vast majority

of Argentina's population are Christians. 

There are also Roman Catholics, Protestant, Jehovah's Witnesses,

and Mormons. Although the Jews less than 1% of Argentina's

population Buenos Aires has the second largest number of Jews in the Americas, and the second after New York City.

Argentina also has the largest Muslim community in the Americas.



Argentine Peso ARS


Time Zone

-03:00 GMT



Government Regime

Federal Presidential Republic



Argentina has a very warm and humid tropical climate in the northern, wet temperate region of the southern part of the country.

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Some Facts About Argentina


علم الأرجنتين


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