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Country Name

Andorra or officially The Principality of Andorra or The Principality of the Valleys of Andorra.

Andorra Location


Andorra is located in southwestern Europe, between France and

Spain (it is a small landlocked country between them) Specifically in the

eastern Pyrenees.

Reason for naming the country 

The origin of the word Andorra is unknown, although several hypotheses have been formulated.

The oldest derivation of the word Andorra is from the Greek historian Polybius who describes the Andosins, as historically located in the valleys of Andorra.

Another theory suggests that the word Andorra may derive from the old word Anorra that contains the Basque word meaning water.

Another theory suggests that Andorra may derive from Arabic al-durra, meaning Diamond.

Other theories suggest that the name means "land covered with bushes" .


Andorra la Vella.


The national flag of Andorra was adopted in 1866.

The flag consists of three vertical stripes of BlueYellow, and Red colors with an Andorra coat of arms in the middle.

The coat of arms contains a shield divided into four sectors.

The national motto Virtus Unita Fortior ("United Virtue is Stronger") is displayed below it.

One half of the coat of arms refers to the ties with Spain, whereas the second point to relations to France. Miter and crutches in the upper left quarter of the coat of arms are signs of

a Spanish bishop and two red cows at the bottom right should commemorate

the French province of Bearn.

The design is related to the flags of France, Spain, and the flag of Romania

but without the coat of arms.

The colors represent the county’s independence from both Spain and France.


Flag facts:

- The civil flag of Andorra is similar to the Romanian Flag.

- The flags of ChadRomania, Andorra, and Moldova ​all share a very similar color scheme of blue, yellow, and red in the design.

The difference between the four flags is that the two flags of Moldova and Andorra feature their coat of arms in the middle of the yellow stripe.

Andorra Flag

The official language in Andorra is Catalan, it is from a Romance language family.

French, Portuguese and  Spanish are also commonly spoken.

Most Andorran residents can speak one or more of these languages, in addition to Catalan.

English is less commonly spoken among the general population.


Most of the population of Andorra is Roman Catholic. The country's patron is St. Marit Axel, most of the population of Andorra is Roman Catholic.

Other Christian denominations include the Anglican Church, the Unification Church, the New Apostolic Church, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The small Muslim community is primarily made up of North African immigrants.

 There is a small community of Hindus and Bahais and roughly 100 Jews live in Andorra. Their patron saint is Our Lady of Meritxell.



Time Zone 

+01:00 GMT.

+02:00 GMT. (Summer Time).


Government Regime

Unitary parliamentary semi-elective diarchy


Andorra has a temperate climate as its neighbors, but because of its high elevation, the northern valleys in the country are completely snowed in for several months of the year., with reduced humidity, and a bit of cold in the summer, On average, 300 days a year of sunshine.

The best time to visit Andorra runs from June to mid-September, since it is the least cold in the mountains, while in the valley bottom it's warm but not too much.

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